We have a vast experience of Complete Cooling Tower Package under the supervision of qualified designing team and project managers. We use using High Strength dedicated materials & FRP pultruded profiles which are used in Europe and United States for the fabrication of high performance structure at specified Design, or Size along with the accessories which on the whole gives an excellent cooling system.

Complete Cooling Tower System (Field Erected/Stand alone unit)

a)FCI designs, fabricates, erect/installs and do commissioning of any type of Mechanical Induced/Forced Draft system (Counter/Flow Draft). We have complete grip with designing softwares, drawings, literature and on field test equipments.

b)FRP Pultruded Louvers/PVC Extruded Louvers.

c)FRP walkways, doors, access ladders, staircase.

d)PVC Thermo-formed Film Fill (Adhesive Jointed/Mechanical Assembled/FRP Splash Type Pultruded Fill and hybrid Fill.

e)PVC Thermo-formed/Extruded drift eliminators.

f)FRP/Aluminum Fan Blades

g)FRP Cooling Tower Fan Stacks and fan deck.

h)Cooling Tower Fan Shafts.

i)Gear System.

j)Fan motors.