In 2012, we developed mechanical assembled PVC film fills first time ever in Pakistan. It is a major breakthrough in Pakistan. Most advance and appropriate design were selected for forming dies on high-tech CNC machines which eventually resulted in excellent quality fill sheet, furthermore FCI developed in-house binding machine, by which fill bundles are being made, competing international standards. "MA Technology" allows fill or drift eliminator bundles to be permanently molded into the individual sheets. Spray Nozzles are also fabricated in-house.

This innovative attachment method produces fill bundles that are exceptionally strong, environment-friendly, less expensive than glued and can be easily & efficiently assembled on-site.

FCI now fabricates state of the art Hybrid Splash Fills which is the most advance form. It combines the advantages of both droplet and film cooling in one module. The highly-engineered drip design provides maximum thermal performance. The field-proven, environmentally-friendly MA Assembling technology eliminates the need for adhesives, solvents, or heat welding. And the open, offset-flute, fouling-resistant design is ideal for applications where the circulating water has very high levels of suspended solids and high temperature