At Fibre Craft Industries we proved to be a premier cooling tower designer and manufacturer, providing Innovative Cooling Solutions for the satisfaction of customer needs in power generation, industrial, refrigeration, and many other sectors. We offer new cooling towers, replacement field erected cooling towers and a variety of field erected cooling tower parts and after-sale services.

FCI is fabricating and installing Field Erected fiberglass cooling towers since last two decades. Complete cooling towers are made out of fiberglass composite for everlasting life. Even in corrosive environment, specialized composites have proved as excellent material. We provided the complete services i.e. Designing, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning. We have done a successful retrofitting job for cross flow cooling tower along with designing and synchronizing of a complete new cell with the whole system.

  • Construction of complete FRP Pultruded
  • Cooling Tower, Flow Rate 36,000 GPM.
  • Replacement of old wooden structure of 03 existing cells with FRP Pultruded structure
  • Construction of complete new cell.
  • Synchronization of the whole system

The entire project includes removal of wooden structure replace the same with Fiberglass structure. Stairs, Walkways and access-doors were replaced with new FRP profile structures. All the internal accessories were newly fabricated and replaced accordingly. It has proved to be the biggest fiberglass field erected cooling tower locally. The designing and fabrication of entire new cell is done keeping in view the factor to synchronize the new system with existing 03 cooling tower cells. Internals of cooling tower were also replaced with new fabrications.

Till present, the whole cooling tower network is working satisfactorily and giving the maximum efficiency to entire system.