Cooling Tower Manufacturer & Provider

FIBRE CRAFT INDUSTRIES is a custom cooling tower solution manufacturer and provider in Pakistan specializing in the design and construction of Fiber Glass Field Erected, Metal, Wood andConcrete Cooling Towers for both cross-flow or counter-flow applications.

The high-performance, reliable and cost-effective components, designed as a state of the art technology results in an excellent cooling tower line you can rely on. FCI Cooling Towers are designed according to international industrial standards with a lightweight and extremely rigid structure that is fast and easy to install. The Cooling Towers are designed and installed as per provided CTI Guidelines.

Best Gadgets Include:

  • FRP pultruded cooling tower
  • Field erected cooling tower
  • Cross Flow Cooling Towers
  • Counter Flow Cooling Towers
  • Retrofitting of Cooling Tower

Our extensive product know-how and experience provide solutions for practically all requirements of our clients. As a manufacturer with our own engineering department, we can address every specific need related to a cooling tower in Pakistan.

Reliable Cooling Tower Solutions for Industrial Applications

When it comes to industrial cooling solutions, a reliable cooling tower is a critical component. As a leading manufacturer and provider of cooling towers in Pakistan, we offer a range of options to meet the needs of various industries.

Various Types of Cooling Towers

Our cooling towers include cross flow cooling towers, counter flow cooling towers, package type cooling towers, and field erected cooling towers. Each type of tower is designed to offer superior performance and efficiency, depending on the specific requirements of your facility.

Cross Flow Cooling Towers

Cross flow cooling towers feature a horizontal air flow design, making them ideal for low-to-medium heat rejection applications.

Counter Flow Cooling Towers

Counter flow cooling towers use a vertical air flow design that is best suited for high-heat applications.

Package Type Cooling Towers

Our package type cooling towers are compact and self-contained, making them easy to install and maintain. They are ideal for small-to-medium sized facilities where space is at a premium.

Field Erected Cooling Towers

For larger facilities, our field erected cooling towers are designed to offer maximum performance and efficiency.

Industrial Cooling Tower Solutions

In addition to these options, we also offer industrial cooling tower solutions that are designed for heavy-duty use. These cooling towers are built to withstand the harsh conditions and high demands of industrial environments.

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

For facilities that require additional durability and resistance to corrosion, we offer fiberglass cooling tower options. These towers are constructed from high-quality fiberglass materials that offer exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

Allied Accessories:

FCI has been manufacturing and supplying individual cooling tower accessories to fulfil the maintenance and efficiency requirements of our clients. Every cooling tower component is designed and engineered to work together as an integrated system for efficient performance and long life. The details of our manufactured components are mentioned below;

1:Fan Blades

Cooling tower fans must move large volumes of air efficiently, and with minimum vibration. The materials of manufacture must not only be compatible with their design, but must also be capable of withstanding the corrosive effects of the environment in which the fans are required to operate. FCI manufactures Fan Blades in FRP as well as metal as per client’s requirements.

2:Fan Stack

Cooling Tower Fan Stack is an essential part of the cooling tower. Its inner smooth surface enables air to move fast while the outer surface provides high strength and resistance against climatic conditions. The shape of the classic cylindrical fan stack contributes to lower noise and reduces vibration of not only the fan itself but also the whole cooling tower. FCI manufactures FRP Fan Stack with superior performance and service life.


One of the single most important components of a cooling tower is the fill. Its ability to promote both the maximum contact surface and the maximum contact time between air and water determines the efficiency of the cooling tower. FCI manufactures a range of designs in PVC Fills that meet and exceed the cooling tower efficiency requirements.

4:Drift Eliminators

Designed to remove water droplets from the discharged air and reduce loss of process water, drift eliminators cause the air and droplets to make sudden changes in direction. This causes the drops of water to be separated from the air and deposited back into the tower. FCI manufacture FRP as well as PVC drift eliminators in various designs to minimize drift losses and improve overall cooling tower efficiency.


Air Inlet Louvers prohibit the light of the sun from entering the cooling tower basin hence minimising the growth of algae. Air Inlet Louvers also help lower the amount of splash-out from the cooling tower as well as avoid large particles, and debris from entering the cooling tower with air. FCI manufacture FRP and PVC Air Intake Louvers in a range of designs to meet and exceed the client’s requirement.

Apart from the main components FCI also manufactures Water Distribution Header, Nozzles, Casing Sheet, Working Platforms etc.

At our company, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality cooling tower solutions. Whether you need a cross flow cooling tower, counter flow cooling tower, package type cooling tower, field erected cooling tower, industrial cooling tower, or fiberglass cooling tower, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our cooling tower solutions in Pakistan.

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