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Our relationship goes beyond just products
Over the last few decades, FCI has grown its expertise across a range of services. We support the industry by providing bespoke services that complement our product expertise.

Take a look below to find out which of our services can help you achieve greater success.


The first step in any development/reverse engineering project is the design. The final outcome of any product solely depends on the design. As only a finely designed idea backed-up by years of manufacturing knowledge can turn into a high quality performing product.

We combine more than 3 decades of experience when it comes to designing & manufacturing intricate products in industrial/architectural/aeronautical domains.  Our teams of experts use some of the most modern software’s to translate your idea into convertible form.

Our design services involves;

  • Product Development & Design (2D Drawings, 3D Model, Manufacturing Drawings)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Sheet Metal modeling

Detailed in-house discussions during the course of project will be carried out to generate desired outcomes.

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Mold Manufacturing

Quality of finished product depends solely on finishing & precision of mold. Over the years FCI has developed complete facility for manufacturing of intricate & highly precise patterns & molds for complex composite & metal parts.

We are the only private engineering sector in Pakistan operating CNC 5-Axis & 3-Axis machine for such high-end fabrications with a bed size of 36 x 12 ft. Our team of experts will convert your idea in to first article without any hassle.  

We handle all types of 3D Modeling & CAD Conversion for Engineering, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Shipbuilding and other industries on similar lines. Whether it involve reverse engineering of some existing model or rapid prototyping our team of Engineers will manufacture the mold right from available sample in highest precision.

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Analysis & Simulation

In today’s technological revolution age every product is designed after in-depth material, application, aesthetical & service loads evaluations to ultimately make it a success. The major constituent of any design is “Structural Analysis” involving critically evaluating the product by simulating actual loads, boundary conditions, and pressure & flow characteristics.

Structural Analysis/Simulation analyses the structural integrity of product to identify weak spot & reworking on the same before going into actual manufacturing.

We have been manufacturing & installing versatile nature products since past 3 decades. Multiple industrial & research organizations has benefited from our expert analysis services. Our team has years of experience in structural & dynamic analysis on modern software.

We are offering below-mentioned services in analysis/simulation domain;

  • Static Analysis
  • Stability Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • CFD Analysis

We have complete solutions for all your structural analysis needs. You will get the highest quality outputs after discussions with our engineering team.

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Engineering Consultancy

Deciding the right size of equipment in right material & from the leading manufacturer is a tricky job. Right equipment selection not only reduce life cycle cost but also improve efficiency & reliability of overall system.

FCI’s experts having more than 30 years of experience in sizing, material selection & sourcing will offer this knowledge in selecting the best equipment for your plant.

Whether your concern involves selecting the right material for your media storage or the highest efficiency in-fill component for your cooling tower our team is available at a call to discuss all possible scenarios.

Our area of expertise involves but not limited to;

  1. Storage Tanks
  2. Scrubbers
  3. Complete Cooling Towers & Allied Components
  4. Waste Treatment/Neutralization Systems
  5. Piping requirements
  6. Portable Cabins

Reach out to our team for further information.

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Field Survey

Effective surveys are essential for overall success of any project activity. They not only are cost effective but also shorten the project duration, improve site conditions, increase efficiency & reduce reworking to a great extent. Hence making project easy going & in-budget.

FCI has 3 decades of working with industrial sector involving design, manufacturing, supply, installation & commissioning of systems. Our team of expert engineers & experienced field staff have complete knowledge of analyzing existing system & proposing most suitable option when it comes to maintenance/repair/replacement. Our team will carry out in-depth inspection of complete systems by using latest technologies. Our surveying services involves but are not limited to;

  • Integrity Assessment of Chemical/Water Storage Tanks
  • Integrity Analysis of Cooling Tower & Allied Components
  • Integrity Analysis of piping systems
  • Integrity Analysis of scrubbing systems
  • Integrity Analysis of Boats/barges

FCI provides details drawings/survey reports along with future course of action and budget as per requirements.

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Installation of Equipment

Proper installation is the key to proper working! Since its beginning Fibre Craft Industries have been providing services for installation of Cooling Towers, Pipes, Tanks and many other industrial equipment on turnkey basis. Right installation increases the durability and efficiency of your system with less chances for future interruptions. We support your project from start to end and guarantee our work upon completion.

Some examples of industrial equipment we give installation services for are;

  • Tanks, including aluminum, carbon steel, fiberglass (FRP), glass-lined, and stainless steel
  • Pressurized vessels
  • Small and large chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Fans
  • Louvers
  • Scrubbers and dust collectors
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