Manhole and Manhole Covers

Fibre Craft Industries has taken the lead by starting the fabrication of fibreglass manholes & manhole covers as a replacement for conventional concrete and cast iron covers.

The use of fibreglass manholes and manhole covers is now a globally accepted phenomenon and the manholes are utilized for all kinds of applications including, sewer manholes, metering manholes, maintenance ports etc. Concrete manholes covers are quickly becoming less common in new installations due to the increasing popularity of fibreglass. Sanitary sewer lines create an incredibly corrosive environment which causes leaks in concrete manholes and even worse, infiltration. Infiltration allows groundwater to enter the waste line overburdening the system and increasing costs. Municipalities across the nation are investing billions in the rehabilitation of failing concrete manholes. Fibreglass manholes from Fibre Craft Industries (FCI) are non-corrosive, watertight, and come with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

If you need a time tested solution for corrosion problems please contact us!

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