FRP/GRP Fume Gas Scrubber

Fibre Craft Industries has been manufacturing fume gas scrubbers since past two decades. Scrubbing is a very effective control technique for neutralizing environmental pollutants from chemical synthesis, plating, pickling, corrosive dust and odors from chemical processes. FRP/GRP Scrubber system, feature exceptional corrosion resistance along with high strength and offers low life cycle costs due to their maintenance free construction and are well known in the industries for its high performance under harsh conditions.

We as a manufacturer, are committed to provide innovation and quality in whatever we deliver. Our manufactured GRP scrubber system includes scrubbing vessel, fan system, ductwork, mist eliminator (not required in dry scrubber), pumping and exhaust stack etc. The Fume Gas Scrubber are designed keeping in regard to the particular requirements of every client.

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