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Design, Mold Making, Manufacturing, and Supply of FRP Molded Fan Stack for Fauji Fertilizer

September 3, 2022

Conventional material fan stack are heavier with severe corrosion & deterioration over time resulting in requirement of routine maintenance & vibrations over time along with additional weight on structure.

FRP is the most suitable material for manufacturing of Fan Stack being light weight & higher in strength in comparison to conventional materials. The key aspect in Fan Stack manufacturing is replicating existing designs from concrete/wooden stacks.

FCI got it all covered from drawing generation of existing design to mold manufacturing, production & pre-assembly everything was complete using in-house technologies including CNC 5-Axis pattern/mold making machine to achieve dimensional accuracy and exact patterns.

FCI has replaced 4 Concrete Fan Stack at FFC Mir Pur Mathelo in a period of 4 years with completely molded FRP Fan Stack.

We have complete facility to manufacture existing design with highest precision & accuracy. Similar practices were adopted at ENGRO Fertilizer & Lotte Chemical as well.

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