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Manufacturing and Supply of FRP Grating for Solar Platforms

September 3, 2022

The recent growth in shifting toward renewable energy sources has resulted in a boom in adaptation of solar technology by industrial sector of Pakistan.

FCI has play a huge part in localizing the manufacturing of inspection walkways for solar installations by manufacturing FRP Molded Grating locally first time in Pakistan. The gratings are manufactured using imported resins & available in multiple width, heights & mesh sizes.

FCI has supplied almost 35000 ft2 grating to REON for installation at Toyota Indus Karachi project. Specially designed mini mesh grating most suitable for solar platforms walkways were supplied having higher strength in same width span. The gratings were complete corrosion resistant keeping in regards to the humid environment of Karachi and made specifically in red color in accordance with Indus Motor Logo.

FCI is the pioneer in supplying such grating in almost every available color & size. Some details are mentioned below:

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