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Structural Replacement of Wooden Cooling Tower With FRP Pultruded Profiles at Engro Fertilizer Daharki

September 3, 2022

FCI has recently completed project for complete replacement of wooden structure with FRP Pultruded Profiles at Engro Fertilizer Daharki.  

The project scope involves replacement of complete wooden structure including “Vertical Members,Horizontal Member, Fill Support Structure, Deck & Allied Structural Members” with FRP Pultruded members along with supply of Louvers, Drift Eliminators, Water Distribution Trays & Water Distribution Header, Motor Support Structure along with repainting of existing fan stack & fan blades.

Pultruded column & beams with single lengths of up to 60 ft were manufactured from “In-house Pultrusion Machines” to impart highest stability to the system. Every pultruded structural shape alongwith all allied components were manufactured in-house using our state-of-the-art thermoforming, filament winding & pultrusion facility.  

The novelty of this project is the working methodology opted involving shutdown of one cell only with sump full of water without affecting the function of remaining 5 cells.

The project has been commissioned successfully with major improvements in vibrations and exceeded improvements inefficiency which wasn’t envisaged at the time of initiation of project.

The cooling tower major details areas follows:

Sr. No. Description Value (approx.)
1. Cooling Tower Height below fan deck 57’ 2”
2. Cooling Tower Height from water distribution trays to foundation 51’ 2”
3. Cooling tower cell length 32’
4. Width from basin 55’6”

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